Where to buy images of Norway

Finding images of Norway can be a challenge as it is a small country with limited markets.

If you need Norwegian themed images for advertising, PowerPoint presentations, articles, blog or anything – this page give you the tips on where to look.

In short, you can do a web search a contact the photographer directly, or you can search image agencies. With image agencies you’ll get immediate high resolution downloads, and pricing and the licensing terms is usually already sorted.

Expect pricing with traditional agencies and with direct contact with photographer’s to cost from $150-$1,000. Microstock agencies pricing will be a lot less, usually from a couple of dollars to $100.

In terms of stock, Alamy is the worlds larges stock agency with more than 150 million stock images… in stock. Alamy is a UK based image agency easy to like as they give their profits to medical research. Searching ‘Norway’ results in 430,000 images. Alamy has a very good search engine.

NTB Scanpix
Scanpix is the biggest stock agency in both Norway and Scandinavia. Most of Scanpix’ images are editorial style as the agency represents some of Norway largest newspapers. Registered users can purchase and download online.

Fotofil is a Norwegian stock agency. You’ll have to contact them to negotiate pricing/licensing. Their archive contain a lot of weirdo artistic stuff.

Google Images
Google Images is often a great way to search for images. However, finding a way to license your find can be a hassle, if at all possible.

Small stock agency offering unique and exclusive Norwegian themed images, footage and design elements. Immediate payment and download.

Picture Point
Picture Point is the Norwegian affiliate of Agefotostock. Approximately 150,000 photo related to Norway.

Shutterstock offer a vast library og generic low cost images, illustrations and footage. Image searching for Norway results in approx. 458,000 images of fjords and such.


Photoshelter is a cooperation of photographers showing or selling images. Searching for ‘Norway’ results in 119,000 hits. Of these, approx. 65,000 are available for purchase and download.

SmugMug works about the same as PhotoShelter. Searching ‘Norway’ pops with 173,000 hits. Licencing options must be resolved for every image.

Flickr used to be the preferred photo sharing site for photographer. Flickr has 3.4 million images related to Norway. You’ll have to contact the photographer directly to find out if the images can be licensed.

Getty Images
The world’s leading stock image agency. Searching for ‘Norway’ gives 380,000 hits.