Why 4K?

Since the monumental flop of 3D, tv set producers has startet pushing 4K, the a-lot-more-than-FullHD-resolution. But do we need it. The answer is both yes and no.

In 2014 (as of this writing) 4K is irrelevant for most people, as most do not see any difference between 4K and FullHD. Thus why would they pay a premium for something they do not need nor want? This will be the case for years to come, even if 4K gradually will pave way onto people’s homes.

For production purposes 4K is another story. Firstly, there is the opportunity to crop. That could be different crops from the same take, or zoom and/or pans within the same frame.
Second, downscaling will often result in sharper overall image.

In conclusion, while most media producers should celebrate the opportunities 4K presents, their families need not bother with it.