The use of images by Robin Lund requires appropriate crediting.

Not only is it good manners to credit the copyright holder of photographs and illustrations, it is a right according to law.

As such Robin Lund require that his photos and illustrations is legibly credited when published: Photo by Robin Lund. Please consider adding under license or with permission after a comma behind the name (eg. Photo by Robin Lund, under license).

When published online, please also hyperlink to

The way to place the credit can differ from use case to use case. The main rule is to legibly credit on or next to the image.

When publishing very small images it may be difficult to credit on or next to for practical or aesthetic reasons. In such cases crediting can be solved via mouseover, on the bottom of the page or in a separate crediting list.

According to law and the license the photographer can invoice an amount of the same amount (but not limited to) as the license fee if proper credit is missing.

If the customer forwards the image to third parties (such as newspapers/print house/advertising agency etc.) it is the customers responsibility to ensure proper credit. The entity holding the license is legally and financially responsible for an eventual omission of the required crediting.