This photo of an escaped farm fish salmon with lice has been one of my top sellers with Alamy.

Alamy is a stock agency with a lot going for it. It is one of a few ‘traditional’ stock image agencies left, they have been giving contributors a fair commission share and they are a foundation giving their profit to charity.

However, over the last few years they have been pricing images more to the like of microstock agencies, and recently they disclosed that they would cut contributor commission to 40 percent. They stated that this was to support future growth, i.e. they want to grow at the expense of their contributors.

Anyways, I long since had decided that I would leave any agency paying less than 50 percent to the contributor and immediately asked them to delete my account, and today I received confirmation that my account with Alamy has been deleted.

It is a shame, though. Agencies paying 50 percent or more commission are fewer and fewer, and I really wanted to like Alamy.

But thanks for all the fish.