PolarPro Mavic filters
The PolarPro filters for the Mavic Pro are hard to distinguish. (Photo courtesy of PolarPro)

This is a short usability review of PolarPro filters for the DJI Mavic Pro drone. The review will not touch image quality, only usability.

PolarPro are usually the filters to get with regards to image quality. Don’t bother with cheap, Chinese eBay filters. The colours are likely to be horrific.

While the PolarPro filters are usually high quality products, from a usability standpoint they should hire some competence.

First, the case. The Mavic Pro is all about portability. Downsizing, smallness. As such, so is also the PolarPro filters by necessity. But the case is huge in comparison. PolarPro has been lazy and are using the same filter cases as for Phantom filters. This is a big miss.

Second, the distinguisability. With both the 3-packs or the 6-packs of filters, the aluminium frame of the filters are the same colour. You can’t distinguish one filter from the other, not even in daylight. And remember, these filters are small. There is print on the side of the frame. Again a miss, as the type is small and the font is bold, italic and just really difficult to decipher.

You’ll need to remedy this, e.g. by writing the designation with a high visibility felt pen on the case. Or colour code the filters themselves by different colour felt markers.

However, the best solution is for PolarPro to rethink the usability of their products.