1-inch to Garmin ball
The home made RAM 1-inch ball to Garmin ball in action, holding my nüvi GPS. The car is  my untrusty old Jeep and the blurred background is my home sweet home in Norvegia.

I need, but have not found, an adapter that converts from a RAM 1-inch ball to the Garmin nüvi ball. So I made it myself with available RAM parts.

RAM ball to be cut and drilled.

I used one RAM-to-Garmin double ball snap-link long arm (RAP-SBA-RGLU) and one RAM-HC1-BALL-BU.

I cut the snap-link ball off the the long arm, and cut the 1-inch ball off its base. Next I drilled an 8mm hole in the one inch ball where I had made the cut. I should have used a 7.5mm drill bit, as that would have made a tighter fit. Be advised.

Making an adapter of this adapter.

Then superglue and attach. I also have the option to strengthen the joint with a screw, but I don’t think it will be necessary for holding a GPS.

Most 1-inch balls (preferably without any metal) can be used, but the RAM-HC1-BALL-BU has a pre-drilled hole that can be used for a screw to aid the fastening power of the glue.

After use, the long arm seems a little week, as the GPS is quite jittering on uneven roads. In effect, I will be making a version with a shorter arm.

NOTE: Similar ready made adapters can now be purchased online, so there is no longer need for DIY solutions such as this.

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The RAM to Garmin adapter
Home made RAM 1-inch ball to Garmin ball adapter. Phallus style.