I have started to experiment with a new genre, “walking tour”, for my Images of Norway YouTube channel. The scene is situated to the the fishing village of Reine in Northern Norway.

There are different ways to do walking tours. My goal is to make immersive, straight walks in both video and audio. No stops, no cuts, just purposefully walking a set route. Later on I hope to also do hikes.

Though I am fairly happy with the end result as a first attempt, I gained some insight as to what worked and what did not with regards to my gear and execution versus my goals.

One is that the pans where choppy, so I will need to use ND filters to sort out the shutter speed. Another issue is that I don’t like that the steps translates to the image. So I will need a fourth axis stabilization remedy.

Lastly is that the Røde VideoMicro II microphone sucks with regards to wind noise. I was able to resolve the issue with a lot of post processing, but I’d rather not do the work. So a better microphone setup must be researched. I find binaural audio unnerving, but a stereo setup could be nice.